Thursday, 20 February 2014


© Corey Howden
Clouds are big white fluffy pillows that make me dream.
when I'm in heaven that's where I'll sleep.
clouds are filled with happy things
such as ice cream cones and funny things.
But, when it grows dark I know that all the people up above
have turned out their lights and gone to sleep.

White cotton clouds

By Ronald J Chapman
White cotton clouds,
Blue, blue sky,
Over me,

What is this I see,
Two puppies playing,

There are several places,
Angels could be hiding,
They make themselves known,
While whistling in the wind,

But, in the depths of clouds,
There are storms brewing,

I'll just wait and see,

Thunder, as loud as dogs of Summer barking at me,

The air is thick and wet,
I've always wished I could fly away,
From the cold August rain.

I loved the clouds
Nicole Dawn

When I was younger,
I loved the clouds

I made pictures in them
And sometimes stories

I would sit and watch them
For hours

My parents worried
That a 6 year old
Needed "alone time"
But I wasn't alone
I was with the clouds
To me,
They were happy
And hopeful.

Now all I see in the clouds are 
Darker days and rain storms
What happened,
To the little girl
Who loved the clouds?

I miss her

Beautiful clouds adorn the sky

Pamela Rae

Good Morning Clouds
Beautiful clouds adorn the sky
and tiny droplets of rain
are drizzling down.
Still quite warm, humid
for morning time,
but oh what a joy to see
that the sunshine is not
peeking out at me!
Strange how I never
would have believed even a year ago
that I would rejoice
whenever the sun did not show--
but this unrelenting heat
this past summer here
has tainted my joy of sunny skies
and the cloudless blue
You see, I've come to dread
waking up to a sun filled room--
Much prefer the darkened gloom
Surely these preferences of late
are only temporary ones... 
I cannot imagine not loving the sun
I cannot imagine too many days
that hold no light, only cloud covered skies
So yes, let the clouds block the sun for now
but please, one day bring back my love
of the sun somehow.