Saturday, 22 February 2014


I am not a poet but everyone once in awhile I get the inspiration


© Catrin

Liquid crystal falls from the sky,
And with a splash hits the pavement and lies,
Until the sun calls it home again,
There’s nothing quite as magical,
As the falling rain.

© Charlene Valladares
Rain glorious pounding soaking rain
How I love to hear your song 
Drowning my world in your torrential downpour 
I sit here and contemplate your frenzy dance moves upon my window panes 
Lost I am in your graceful movements 
You dance through the night as the dawn awaits in the horizon 
You sashay your last moves and the sun peeks through the clouds 
Move on, it cries
For it is my time to wash the world with light 
And your last drops bid the world 

I love standing in the rain.
Because when you are in the rain,
No one can tell if they are

Pitter-patter raindrops
Slink from the sky
And settle purring
On my windowsill

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